philatelic analytics platform

Welcome to perf48

perf48 is a philatelic analytics platform for the data-driven stamp collector.

Benefits you can't get anywhere else

  • A philatelic-specific algorithm analyzes your collection and makes personalized recommendations for the next-best stamps to collect which will enhance your collection most efficiently
  • Your want list is automatically compiled and goes with you anywhere.
  • Focus your stamp buying so you purchase strategically and spend your hobby budget wisely
  • As you buy stamps (online, at a stamp show or in a store), personalized next-best stamp recommendations update in real time
  • As you add stamps to your collection, perf48 automatically informs you how the new stamp helps your collection, so you appreciate each acquisition
  • You'll purposefully hit collection milestones more quickly and frequently, which helps your stamp collection be more meaningful, quantitatively and qualitatively

Free database access

For many stamp collectors, perf48 is an essential philatelic tool. With a free perf48 account, you can browse the database, run queries and analytics against our data with over 10 filtering criteria.

perf48's simple, clean, responsive design uses icons and hover hints to display all data about a stamp in one row, with 1,000 stamps per scroll, minimizing clicks to the next page.

Upgrade to a paid subscription to track your stamps

By upgrading your free account to a paid subscription, you can track your stamps, visualize the data, and run analytics on your collection.

No data entry! The stamps are already entered, simply click on which you own.

Subscriptions enable perf48's analytics, visualization and next-best stamp recommendation engine.

US$2.48 per month to subscribe to our ad-free software-as-a-service stamp analytics platform. Cancel anytime.

Philately's first AI-driven stamp collection management platform

As you click stamps in your collection, perf48 automatically highlights where your collection is strong.

Our color-coded badges offer a unique data visualization of where your collection is complete. perf48 finds the best places to fill in the gaps and automatically brings recommendations to your attention.

Watch your collection grow on your personalized dashboard. For every country, perf48 offers 7 metrics at-a-glance to understand the quality of each country. Another AI engine is used on the dashboard: it automatically recommends a collecting strategy for every country, so you know the kind of material for which to search.


Secure & private: we don't collect personal or location data; we only store email address as a username.

Designed by philatelists to be simple, clean & easy-to-use. Paper-free & eco-friendly. No annoying pop-up windows, ever. No marketing emails. No customer tracking. No advertising.

We sell stamps too

You can buy stamps from perf48. Icons in the database and in your personalized recommendations identify the 65,000 worldwide stamps and 3,800 complete sets we have for sale in our stamp store:

Use cases (free account)

Save time identifying stamps

  • Instead of browsing paper to eyeball a stamp from a tiny picture, perf48 enables you to search for a stamp with over ten criteria filters. Often, searching for a year and denomination, or denomination and topic results in a unique match in just a second or two. In our tests, to identify the average stamp, perf48 is 600% faster than searching in a paper catalogue.
  • When using perf48 with a print catalogue, use our search filters to help know what page to begin looking, or validate a stamp found in a print catalogue has no other similar stamps issued with the same denomination, topic, type, etc.
  • Icons help you to quickly identify stamps with a distinct attribute, such as being triangular, in a pair, having an overprint, surcharge, hologram, etc.

Understand the stamp universe

  • When deciding to start a new country collecting interest, perf48 shows stamp counts, value, how many very expensive or complicated varieties exist. Use its data to determine a specific range of years to be in scope for your collecting interests.
  • Run queries of the database for researching stamp exhibits, philatelic blogs, videos, articles, etc.
  • Browse the stamp listings to help know how to create piles when doing large sorting jobs at your desk.
  • Browse the stamp listings to know how much space to allocate when placing stamps in stockbooks or designing custom album pages.
  • Help youngsters, scouts, etc. learn about stamps in a digital environment they're used to, on their favorite device.

Use cases (paid subscription)

Save money by using data to buy smarter

  • When considering bids in auction lots, click on the stamps in the lot using the "flag" feature, and perf48 will display the value, enabling you to make smart bidding decisions. The money perf48 saves you pays for the subscription many times over.
  • When you stumble across an unexpected stamp-buying opportunity, quickly check to confirm if you already own the stamp.
  • Assess truth in advertising from mixture advertisements by using the "flag" feature to mark stamps received and compare to value promised. If you've been ripped off, you'll have the data to prove your case.

Appreciate what you own using data & analytics

  • Upon acquiring or inheriting a stamp collection, click on your stamps and see the counts, value, and periods covered.
  • When browsing the listings by scrolling on the screen, perf48's badges help you to visualize where you have long consecutive runs of sequential stamps, where those runs end, and instances where adding one set will merge two runs into one long megarun.
  • Buying the recommended stamps will optimize your collection value. perf48's recommendations proactively alert you to where a simple acquisition can help you achieve consecutiveness, completeness and quality in your stamp collection.

Transform to digital philately

  • Switch from a paper-based stamp-tracking system to an always-current digital service in the cloud.
  • perf48 helps newcomers to philately easily get onboarded into the hobby.
  • A great way for grandparents to invest in their grandkids' philatelic interest; its scroll and badges are like the apps and games on their mobile device.
  • Essential tool for youth collectors and others on a budget, eliminating the need to buy expensive paper catalogues to be able to identify and track stamps.

Strategize to set goals & grow your collection purposefully & efficiently

  • Defend your interest in worldwide collecting, which is as viable as specialized collecting. perf48 helps worldwide collectors get each country as reasonably complete as possible in the most-efficient way.
  • People too busy to spend a lot of time on their collections appreciate perf48's automatic want list and recommendations, which help them to pick up where they left off.
  • Build value in the most-optimized, efficient way. perf48 automatically guides you to which stamps will get each country as complete as possible while spending the least amount necessary.
  • Recommendations automatically change as your collection grows. Know when to splurge in a given country with a large collection, versus when to switch to buying year sets or individual stamps from a want list. perf48 automatically adjusts each country's collecting strategy, personalized to you.
You've never seen your stamp collection like this before.