Artificial intelligence for your stamp collection

perf48 overview

Free accounts

With a free perf48 account, you can query the database with over 10 filtering criteria, and run analytics on the universe of stamps.

Get a subscription to track your stamps & turn on AI recommendations

Subscribers can track their stamps, run analytics on their collection and get perf48's artificial intelligence, analytics, visualization and next-best stamp recommendation engine.

Track your collection in the cloud

Subscribers indicate which stamps they own, mint vs. used. The stamps are already entered, simply click on which you own.

Earn badges where your collection is strong

As you add stamps to your collection, perf48 automatically highlights where your collection is strong. Earn color-coded badges for a unique visualization of where your collection is strong and complete.

Stamp collection visualization & analytics

perf48's analytics display statistics for each query. Watch your collection grow on your personalized collection dashboard, with perf48's artificial intelligence recommendation engine recommending a collecting strategy for every country.

Artificial Intelligence Recommendation Engines

perf48 analyzes your collection & its artificial intelligence engines automatically make personalized recommendations for the next-best stamps to collect which will enhance your collection most efficiently. Optimize your stamp buying so you purchase strategically and spend your hobby budget wisely. Bring it to a stamp show and as you buy stamps, click on them in perf48 and your next-best stamp recommendations update in real time. With perf48, you hit collection growth milestones more quickly and frequently, which helps you appreciate your collection and the hobby more.

Flag stamps

Your want list goes with you anywhere! Subscribers flag stamps to be able to quickly query them later. Use it to flag stamps in lots you receive ("as promised in ad?") or are evaluating ("what's it worth?"/"how much to bid"), want lists, spacefillers, research, come back to later, etc.


We auto-bill US$2.48 per month for access to our ad-free software-as-a-service stamp AI platform. Cancel anytime. Secure & private: we collect a minimum of data & don't send marketing emails.

Use cases

Save time in identifying stamps (no membership required)

Understand the stamp universe

Save money by buying smarter (membership required)

Confirm what you own using data & analytics (membership required)

Strategize to set goals & grow your collection purposefully & efficiently (membership required)